Molecular and Genomics Informatics Core Facility

The Molecular and Genomics Informatics Core (MaGIC) is designed to provide bioinformatics research services to members of the Rutgers NJMS community, as well as the Rutgers community as a whole and industry collaborators.


The mission of MaGIC is to support cutting edge researchers by providing expertise in high-throughput computational analyses. This is to be provided by utilizing up-to-date pipelines for expediting standard workflows and implementing custom bioinformatics analyses to accommodate the myriad of solutions for academic research. MaGIC will also emphasize training opportunities by providing remote bioinformatics learning tools, project support and assistance upon request, and regular courses.


MaGIC was inititated at the end of 2019 to build into a full-service bioinformatics core facility at Rutgers RBHS Newark (NJMS). This was begun with just one scientist, a workstation, and a few nodes on the Amarel HPC. The inception of MaGIC was performed with tight collaborations with The Genomics Center and the Office of Advanced Research Computing.

MaGIC Team

Alexander Lemenze, PhD

Assistant Professor in Rutgers Department of Pathology, Immunology, and Laboratory Medicine and Director of MaGIC.

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Adriana Messyasz, PhD

Bioinformatics Analyst at MaGIC

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